Eve Konstantine – Our capacity for creativity and generativity is our birthright.

The Universe is constantly sending out signals for creativity and inviting us to choose an organic, sometimes winding, path in life. Having immersed herself in the study of evolutionary patterns for decades, Eve Konstantine has led what she calls “the life of a seeker”. Questions about who we are as a species, what our purpose is here on this planet, and where we’re going have been at the epicenter of her career.

As a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, which she stressed is just one of many influential global consciousness communities, and a board member and former chair at the Source of Synergy Foundation, she aims to help humanity navigate through this great shift in the cycle of our collective evolution. She calls on us to step up as Conscious Creators of a New World that Works for All. Eve explained the importance of our witnessing this new wave of consciousness, particularly concerning the seemingly disastrous and chaotic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, this unnecessary war, and the deterioration of cultures and financial systems, to name a few.

“Those are what I would refer to not as breakdowns, but as breakthroughs,” she told the Sonophilia Foundation. “They’re the necessary chaos before the higher order can come… Whether it’s people contributing through their music and the arts, through their studies of ancient cultures and how [those] can be decoded today and used as guideposts in how we are evolving together, through intelligent and ethical use of AI, through business as a creative force for higher planetary evolution… it’s the collaborative energy that makes it meaningful.”

This diverse blend of synergies couldn’t exist without a curious nature, hence the term Curiosity Generation, which Eve described as the first generation not defined by age. This concept was born out of The Uplevels podcast, which Eve co-founded during the early days of the pandemic to explore how young people, millennials in particular, interviewed by baby boomers many years their senior, were impacted by the sudden wall hindering their paths in life. Age became completely irrelevant because they were all asking the same questions around the anxieties and possibilities of this new reality. She discovered that these bright and impressive young minds truly valued the input of those with more life experience, who, without a doubt, learned from and were enriched by them.

“The more diversity we have, the more perspectives we have and the richer the stew becomes for what we are creating,” Eve said. “Anytime the creative process is embarked upon, I think it’s very important to not be in an echo chamber, to not be surrounded by people who look like you and sound like you and think like you and feel like you, but to really make that fabric very rich by bringing in as many diverse perspectives, cultures, languages, passions as possible. It’s like a precious stone: the more facets you have on it, the more brilliance there is.”

Eve is also a certified Leadership Coach, and accredited in several complementary healing modalities, such as stress reduction, meditation, yoga, and higher consciousness training. The three domains of her work –  leadership, consciousness & health, and creativity – are all linked in some way at the foundation. The challenge is locating precisely where they converge and overlap. Eve believes there is a creative energy underlying everything else in the universe. Essentially, creativity predates all else in a very profound sense.

“How else would everything have come into being?,” she asks. “There has been a creative force that brought all of this material universe that we find ourselves occupying into existence. What is that creative force? Probably it’s a spiritual energy, so there you have that link. How do we align ourselves with that? How do we navigate that? How do we position ourselves in that? Having the highest level of health and wellbeing, and I would even use the term frequency here, would be the most salient way that we can position ourselves in this spiritual universe that came from a very high frequency creative force.”

This is where the concept for her upcoming book on the topic of Vibrational Intelligence (VQ™) materialized, in which she explores how adept we are at tapping into that field of intelligence and potential that exists in the universe. In essence, how can we understand its existence in the first place, learn to access and co-create with it, and live to the fullest capacities of who we are as humans?

“That,” she says, “is way beyond who we think we are right now. I believe our capacity for creativity and for generativity is nothing less than miraculous, or what we would deem miraculous, because we just don’t understand that it is our birthright. It is the norm, and it is who we are.”

Eve has been involved with the Sonophilia Foundation for years now, and she unabashedly credits its inherent quotient of joy to the founders Seda and Matthias Röder for creating a state of openness, anticipation, and readiness. This has expanded her network and the possibility for collaboration in new and unexpected realms.

“We’re like acupressure points on the body of humanity that link all these meridians of energy that can transform or transfer information and ideas and creativity and thoughts, and make the whole, again, that much richer and more realized. Sonophilia [Foundation] has just started and it keeps growing and the amount of creativity and what it wants to do is always really amazing… I think it’s going to become a global player.”