The Sonophilia Foundation is excited to announce the first-ever Cross-Atlantic Creativity Congress, with the aim of making creativity more tangible.

Creativity: An Essential Skill for the Future

The famous 21st-century artist and philosopher Joseph Beuys was convinced that every human being was an artist; everyone can contribute to a better society by using their creativity. In this sense, he saw society as a democratic work of art and called on everyone to participate creatively in this “social sculpture”.

What Beuys presented as a theory in the 1960s was still far too progressive for the rigid hierarchies of that time. Today, however, many innovative organizations work exactly according to this principle. With flat hierarchies and homogeneous structures, they try to give their people the opportunity to actively shape the future.

According to the Future of Jobs Report by the World Economic Forum, today’s complex and disruptive economic environment calls for an “innovation imperative,” and thus catapults creativity to one of the top-five skills. Similarly, a global survey conducted by IBM Research agrees that creative skills for today’s business leaders are even more essential than typical managerial competencies. Further studies confirm that creativity is not only relevant for business, but also for happiness, mental health and overall social well-being.

As a result, years of economics and social anthropology research establish creativity, without doubt, as the primary driver of innovation, progress and prosperity.

The Mission of the CACC

What is creativity truly and how can it be learned, studied, measured and predicted? What might creativity itself predict about the future, innovation capabilities, and resilience of a society?

With the dawn of new instruments and methodologies in neuroscience, psychology and technology, we are now closer than ever to unveiling the myths around creativity and to bringing creative competencies to more people in society through education, culture and work.

To this end, the 1st Cross-Atlantic Creativity Congress in Salzburg connects cutting-edge scientists, innovators and decision-makers from diverse backgrounds to explore synergies that bridge the worlds of research, culture, business, arts, education and society.

CACC Participants

We are kick-starting the widest-ranging conversations and synergies about understanding and disseminating creativity from a scientific point of view. We are addressing primarily:

– International scholars

– Business executives

– Artists & cultural managers

– Educators

– Policymakers

– Furthermore, we welcome everyone who is interested in making creativity more tangible.

Monday April 4, 2022 
9:30am – 8:30pm CEST

Unipark Nonntal
1 Erzabt-Klotz-Strasse
HS Thomas Bernhard (E.001)
5020 Salzburg, Austria

In Partnership with: University of Salzburg (PLUS), Innovation Salzburg, Mint Labs Salzburg, Sonophilia Foundation, University of Colorado Denver, College of Arts & Media, PennState University, Society for Neuroscience of Creativity, Startup Salzburg, Salzburg Global Seminar, PLUS Career & Startup Center

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