The Winners of the MapsMap Challenge are announced!

The judges of the MapsMap Challenge have awarded a 1st place prize of $50K to Constellapedia, $10K to the MapsMap prototype v0.1.1 designed in the special feature category for blockchain-enabled crowdfunding, and a $1K bounty to the members of the Canonical Debate Lab (CDL) for constructive criticism.

In partnership with Ocean Protocol, Foresight Institute, Planetary Holdings, and Protocol Labs, this competition was co-launched in alignment with the Sonophilia Foundation’s project, which aims to map the interconnectedness of humanity’s problems and solutions. The MapsMap challenge invited people to build the first mobile-friendly web app prototype to map the world’s problems and align collective creativity to tackle them using open source collaboration, crowdsourcing, and crowdfunding.

Constellapedia is an open-source collaborative encyclopedia for mapping problems through crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. It can be thought of as a way to create or explore constellations of problems, with stars, or “nodes” representing a smaller problem or solution. How the nodes relate to each other is key, as the connections apply tension to the nodes, thereby creating an organic visualization of clusters. Some featured constellations of problems include diseases and disabilities, stress in humans, and corruption. The information in Constellapedia is stored in a way that allows an almost direct correlation between data and visualization, which helps with perspective changes. The developers are currently working on data science tools to run graph algorithms against data sets, for relation discovery and analysis of different perspectives. Check out some constellations, or see the full submission.

The MapsMap prototype v0.1.1 submission uses blockchain technology and allows anyone to share their problems and reach a global audience. Users are able to sift through the posted problems and share or suggest a solution. Once a problem has received one or more solutions, the problem owner can choose one of them and the solution owner receives the tokens that are locked in the chest fund. The app helps connect people and incentivizes finding a solution by allowing people to lock tokens for the solution finder. This makes it applicable and beneficial for companies, organizations, governments, and individuals. Check out the full submission.

The Canonical Debate Lab (CDL) are a group of researchers, developers, and system thinkers who work on collective intelligence systems. They reached out to start a conversation and answer a call for collaboration, but above all, to offer expertise and draw attention to challenges that may lie ahead for those participating in the MapsMap hackathon. They suggested in their proposal that such aspects as cognitive capacity, map diversity and alignment, context and provenance, and quality and trust may pose particular challenges to the overall project. Having already worked on and experimented with systems in academia and industry, CDL believes an ecosystem of interconnected tools, rather than a single product designed by a single team, would be most prudent to ensure the success of the MapsMap project.


Allison Duettmann (Foresight Institute)

Andy Zmolek (

Amir Banifatemi (X Prize)

Balaji Srinivasan

Eric Anderson (Planetary Holdings)

Trent McConaghy (Ocean Protocol)

Seda & Matthias Röder (Sonophilia Foundation)

About Sonophilia Foundation: Sonophilia Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Germany dedicated to democratizing creativity. Sonophilia Foundation promotes creativity, diversity, and critical thinking as the cornerstone of societal well-being, progress, and innovation. The pillar of our work is to make creativity a tangible science and to make the scientific findings available and practically applicable to the general public, education professionals, and policy-makers.

To this end, the Sonophilia Foundation collaborates with scientific institutions, scholars, and opinion-makers from the arts, business, and technology to generate and implement ideas that ignite positive, systemic change at scale.