Announcing this year’s Sonophilia Foundation Research Stipend recipients

The Sonophilia Foundation has awarded Maxi Becker for her pioneering work in Insight Problem Solving, and Janet Rafner for her work in Learning Sciences with a special focus on Collective Creativity, Citizen Science and Hybrid Intelligence! These extraordinary individuals received this year’s Sonophilia Foundation Research Stipend, each worth 1,500 Euros, at our annual Creative Leadership Forum (#EurekaWorld), which was held at the beautiful Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg and highlighted the Moment of Insight and Eureka. Maxi gave a thrilling presentation on the Magic of Insight, while Janet spoke passionately about human computer co-creativity for collective problem solving.

Also in attendance at the annual meeting were special guests Anton Zensus and Philipp Schoeller.

Anton is the director of the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy and the founder of Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, which took the first ever picture of a black hole. He led a stimulating discussion about scientific Eureka moments that led to the legendary image of the black hole sitting at the center of our galaxy.

Philipp is a legend in the German private equity landscape with his company GenCap, which holds the single-largest shareholder positions in companies such as Infineon, Lanxess, Deutsche Telekom AG, Continental, ThyssenKrupp, VW and Siemens. As a creative junkie, Philipp gave a talk on creativity’s importance in everyday business.