Falk Kastell: Classic is the new Avant-garde.

Falk Kastell: Classic is the new Avant-garde.

Now is our chance to embrace the future by understanding the past. Falk Kastell, a multi-disciplinary artist whose works excel on each level of his artistic activity and transcend time, is the Sonophilia Artist Fellow of 2020. Having been born in Heidelberg, Germany with an eye for finding extraordinary beauty in the mundane, Falk naturally fell into step with this career path. He now practices his artistic passion in his studio in Mannheim, Germany, where his work has blossomed and proffered him a title as an up-and-coming artist to watch out for.

He began painting and taking classical dance and ballet lessons as early as four years old, and since then, he’s enjoyed participating in anything and everything art-related. He holds a Master’s degree in painting, photography, and design. By reveling in the many facets of the human being, he captures the natural and pairs it with the artificial. Falk told Sonophilia he sees himself as a servant, responsible for uplifting, inspiring, and transforming this world into a more beautiful place.

“It’s not second nature. It is my nature,” he said. “There’s always a wonderful, beautiful background story when it comes to the life of an artist and I’m no exception… I’m amazed at where life takes all my abilities and where I find new passions all of a sudden. It’s [always] an incredible discovery.”

Falk’s clients are private collectors, as well as international businesses that admire his versatility and his style. He paints commissions and creates sculptures, fashion campaigns, video installations, and company logos. He even designs his own jewelry. A love for beauty is inherent in all his endeavors. His works are sophisticated, elegant, and modern, yet completely classical in their aesthetic approach; they embody emotions and act as visual poetry that are both real and immaterial. Falk’s oeuvre is a true testament to the power of creativity, curiosity, and pure talent.

“As an artist, I want to stand for the classical values: beauty, truth, goodness, quality—[principles] my ancestors can be proud of. I’m inspired by the basic human conditions, the things we really need— feelings, love, peace, beauty, these very general standards that I find oftentimes neglected in our modern society, especially in the art world. By being classic, I am the Avant-garde.”

As humanity moves towards being more modern, Falk explained we are all simply sitting on the shoulders of giants, where the past is always eager to teach the present. He said “world culture” nurtured a seed in him that bred a desire to join the artistic world and produce quality images and pieces that would last for centuries. He aims to encourage people to step back and appreciate the simple joys. Essentially, this is how Falk’s work has progressed and evolved.

“In a time when so many people are caught up in routines, I want to give them a break… and let their minds wander and be curious… For me, art is a language and art styles are [the] vocabulary. They’re tools for me. They’re not definite subjects that are closed up, like chapters in a book. It’s always open for development, and that’s where I see the channels of contributing something entirely unique to art history. That’s my endeavor. I take the best from each generation of artists before me, and then I try to project where I can bless humanity with my skills.”

Falk previously attended a Sonophilia event in Salzburg as a stand-in guest appearance. He described himself as having been “blown away” by the people, the activities, and the level of information inputs he experienced. It was with a surreal enthusiasm that he seized the opportunity and officially joined our ranks of creative thinkers. He’s confident the unique setting for collaboration, insights, and open exchange will foster “a different kind of perspective” for other Sonophilians.

“I really appreciate all the work and dedication these people from Sonophilia have put into their careers. I’m very open to receiving something from them and I’m always ready to give back to them in my artistic way… Culture is… like the coat that surrounds us in a way and gives us color and texture… Hopefully I will uplift and inspire someone and maybe touch someone’s life… in a meaningful way.”

You never know when your time has come to make a change. This philosophy drives Falk. He believes content, rather than practicality, can solve the mysteries that intrigue us as humans. Although the digital age has improved many surfaces of life in the 21st century, Falk recognizes euphoria over technology can only take us so far.

On a final note, Falk said: “Creativity, in itself, really is nothing if you cannot pair it with other forces, such as intelligence or empathy. Creativity, per definition, is the ability to create new ideas, and of course they need to be applicable. They can’t be just pretty sandcastles in your mind. They should have an impact on real life… Creativity, for me, is a wonderful energy that carries me throughout my days and throughout my life.”