Do What U <3?

“Do what you love”! is probably one of the most worn out mottos of the last decade. You hear it everywhere: in life-style magazines, in inspiration talks, in recruiting events of “happily ever after” firms, in nicely designed offices where you can take your teddy bear to work. Everybody should have “fun” (modern cliché #2), do the things they “love”. It is “easy”, no? and if you don’t like something, just walk out the door & find something else you’ll like next!

But the reality is a little different than this. Because most people work/ed very hard to get there and they happily commit to their responsibility for others, so they won’t just walk out the door for “fun”. Also, because somewhere inside we all know that the real issue is not about just having fun, but it is about finding that thing that determines YOU – and this process is not fun at all. Actually, it is dead serious! But at the end, you no longer have to walk out the door. On the contrary! Most people choose to stay to be a part of the solution.

The real journey is not about loving what you do, but it is about finding out what you love, what it is that moves you. So the actual journey starts much earlier. Your passion defines who you are (and vice versa: you define the framework to your passion). It requires hard work: honesty, commitment, determination, self-reflection, self-acceptance and most importantlyaction!

Finding your passion is about finding your mission. It is the greater thing you stand for that’ll lead to fulfillment in life and work. It is not only about your own advancement, it is closely related to the part you play in other lives. It is about making the bridge between how you tick, what your fuel is and the greater picture. Because your passion can’t be superficial; wealth or power won’t be satisfactory parameters in determining who you are. But impact you make will be! And you know what: once you start your journey, you won’t have to work hard to convince anyone with your words. You won’t need to pitch. It is going to be your entire being & your commitment that’ll be contagious.