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Welcome to the Inaugural Sonophilia Summer Retreat!

This event is invite-only

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Founded by Seda Röder, the Sonophilia Summer Retreat will bring together an exclusive community of young entrepreneurs, creatives and influencers. With mindful keynotes, concerts, workshops and close-knit networking, the Sonophilia Summer Retreat is a home for those who seek inspiration through music & the arts, are open-minded and are looking for stimulating cross-conversations and new experiences in life.

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The Sonophilia Summer Retreat is an invitation-only event. However we have a very limited amount of Sonophilia Passes available for new friends. Please fill out the form below and tell us how your presence would enrich our community.

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Sonophilia Summer Retreat Pass

390 €

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Tickets are limited, so we apologize in advance if we cannot accommodate your request this year. We will respond ASAP to let you know if your application has been successful, and provide registration information at that time.

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